Laravel or Codeigniter – Tough choice

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Laravel or Codeigniter – Tough choice

Laravel or Codeigniter

Laravel or Codeigniter, what PHP MVC framework to use ? This is the question that every developer asked himself at least once in his career.

Laravel or Codeigniter felt the necessity of a better PHP MVC framework with more flexibility, extendability, security, and better performance. That would ensure the proper quality of the projects along with in-time deliverability.

Laravel – The PHP Framework for Web Artisans

Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. Larvel is one best PHP Frameworks in last few years, there is no doubt, but how good is it and is it better than Codeigniter. If you are all about features than Laravel wins, but today it’s not all about features. Laravel have one of best documentations that we have seen. If you are working on a large scale project with big team, like commercial website than Laravel is your only choice because of better coding standard, unitest and code will have less conflicts. So if you are working on a big long, term project, Laravel is all you need.

Codeigniter – Web Framework

Codeigniter is great if you are beginner and you want to create fast projects, it’s great for small teams that don’t include more than three persons in team. Also Codeigniter is great if you have some server restrictions like PHP version etc. Great thing with this Framework is that you can learn it really fast. If you are migrating project from older to new version Codeigniter is much better in this situation.

My opinion about Laravel or Codeigniter

Both of these frameworks are great, there is no right or wrong on this. My opinion is that everyone should choose framework that best fits to you. For my own needs Laravel always wins because I like long term big projects more than those fast small projects where Codeigniter wins.

Happy coding !



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